New code release! (Version 9.1)

Hi everyone,

We have just released a new minor release of equadratures! The new version (9.1) contains a number of new features:

  • Datasets module: This module has been consolidated and enhanced. It now contains numerous utility tools for pre and post-processing of data, as well as a method to load example datasets from our datasets repo (see this post)This text will be hidden.
  • Scaler classes: Standardisation/normalisation of data can now be carried out with our scaler classes. These make it easier to transform train and test splits with the same transformation, and untransform data as required.
  • PolyTree module: The polynomial regression tree module has been significantly enhanced, with new splitting criteria, utility methods, and plotting functionality.
  • Solver class: The underlying solvers used by equadratures polynomials have been reworked into sub-classes of the Solver class. This allows for utility methods to be attached to the various solvers, as well as standalone testing of solvers, and the addition of a custom solver wrapper for prototyping purposes (see this post).
  • Plotting utilities: A large number of plotting methods have been included, allowing users to rapidly generate plots from the various equadratures classes (see this post).
  • Docs: The docs have been substantially updated and reworked.

Numerous minor fixes and enhancements have also been made. The core functionality of v9.1 should be backward compatible with the previous version (v9.0.1).

The tutorials are currently being actively updated to match this new functionality. As always, feature requests and/or bug reports are very, welcome on the discourse here, or over on GitHub. :slight_smile:


Pip to be upgraded shortly…

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pip install equadratures

should now yield 9.1.0. Great work everyone!

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